German Clonal Selections

VarietyCertColorP10 / Classic
Domina 01 Yes Black Classic
VarietyCertColorP10 / Classic
Dornfelder 01 Yes Black P10 2019



Domina was released by Geilweilerhof Breeding Station in 1972. The variety was given to a private company, Rebschule Steinmann, which is the officially registered maintenance breeder of Domina. Sunridge Nurseries has signed an exclusive contract with Rebschule Steinmann.

ST50, the first clone of Domina, was registered in spring 2005. Rebschule Steinmann have virus tested and state that it is "agrobacterum vitis free material".

This variety is a cross between Portugieser and Blue Spaetburgunder. It has medium-sized clusters with high color. The yields are high with very good frost resistance and ripens medium to late.

The wine produced is dark and full with often acidic tones and tannins. The wines are of high quality and long barrel storage is recommended.


Sunridge has obtained this variety as non-certified, which was originally acquired from Washington State University. It is available now for purchase.

The variety ripens early and it has low vigor. The grape clusters are of medium size with an intensive dark red color. It also has good winter frost resistance.

The wine is a very dark red with low acidity and a tendency to have a lot of tendrils. It can be used for blending or stand-alone suitable.