Instructions for the Handling of Budwood and Dormant Cuttings

If you are a new supplier of hardwood grape cuttings for Sunridge please pay close attention to the following instructions. If you have provided us with material in the past, please review the directions to eliminate any misunderstandings. Thank you very much for you cooperation.

Cuttings Testing

Sunridge is a quarantined nursery. Sunridge will not allow any scion wood cuttings or rootstock cuttings to be allowed in the nursery unless the cuttings have been tested for Red Blotch and viruses

Scionwood or Budwood

Minimum of 5 buds (we prefer 5 buds total) per cutting with at least 2 inches of internode below the basal bud. Minimum diameter of 5/16 inch and maximum diameter of 7/16 inch.

Cuttings for Rootings

Minimum diameter of ¼ inch. Minimum 14 inches from basal bud to terminal bud. Basel cut at basal bud. Maximum overall length of 18 inches. Bind with non-biodegradable tie string.

Rootstock Cuttings for Benchgrafting

Minimum length of 14 inches. Cut at basal bud with no restrictions for terminal cut. Minimum 5/16 inch diameter at terminal end. Maximum diameter 7/16 inch. Leave ½ inch below basal bud.


Each bundle must have a label indicating variety, quality and origin. Sunridge will provide labels if you are unable to do so. Sunridge will not accept unlabeled cuttings. Colored tape or other such identification will not be accepted.


Bundles of 100 are preferred, however, 50 or 200 will be accepted. All cuttings must be in the same direction in each bundle. Each bundle must be neatly tied with at least 2 separate strands of string or other non-biodegradable material and tightly secured.

Care of Cuttings

Cuttings must be kept moist and cold to avoid desiccation or bud push. Sunridge will not accept dry or otherwise damaged material. Make every effort to deliver material within three days of harvest.


A receipt of some kind indicating source, quantity and variety must be provided by supplier.
We start harvesting December 1st and would appreciate it if you would do the same. We have many orders to fill, so we must start early. If you have a firm order with us, we would like your material before January 10th.

Thank you again for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please call us at (661) 363-8463.