deep root pot

Deep Root Benchgrafts

Sunridge Nurseries is proud to announce its new Deep Root Green Pot. The largest in the industry, our Deep Root Green Pot has nearly double the volume of any other green growing potted grapevine.

This pot promotes proper root orientation, allowing the roots to descend straight to the bottom of the pot, which promotes the plant to excel after field planting. Roots are not tangled or competing, so the natural downward growth continues uninhibited. The resulting root structure in an established vineyard stays strong and stable.

We understand that growers are looking for a healthy, viable plant that will grow quickly and be easy to maintain after planting. This new product line should fill or exceed all of your requirements. After all, you only have one chance to get it right the first time!

  • Container is removed before planting
  • Roots have direct contact with the soil so water and nutrients are immediately available
  • Root system directed downward to promote a deep-rooted vine
  • Transplant shock is reduced and vines become established more quickly
  • Understocks fully disbudded to discourage sucker growth
  • Allows for optimum drainage, porosity and water-holding capabilities