dormant vs green

Dormant Grape Vines versus Green Growing Vines

dormantIn general, most growers prefer a dormant grape vine to a green growing grape vine. There are advantages to both. For example, when growing a dormant grape vine, it allows you to plant earlier. In Kern, Tulare, King and Fresno counties you can plant as early as January. Although, the soil temperatures are still quite low, it allows you to have a completed and established vineyard without a great deal of root growing activity during this time.

More than half of the table grape community prefers to plant dormant vines. This is especially advantageous when a grower has everything already prepared; fumigation, irrigation system, and trellises installed.

The advantage of green growing vines allows the grower to make a decision later and complete most of the prep work at a later time as well. I must mention, that green growing vines in the counties mentioned above cannot be planted before the middle of April due to the concern of a late freeze. Although, the soil temperatures are higher, there is still a potential for freeze damage.

In the end, both of these planting techniques are very good. The bottom line is, it comes down to a matter of personal preference and timing. Below is a quote from a well respected grower from Delano, Ca. He prefers a green growing grape vine over a dormant grape vine.

"I prefer Sunridge greenhouse grown potted bench grafts over any other type of vine. The Superior root system results in higher yields over the life of the Vineyard and the best quality"

- Jack J, Pandol