Glen Stoller



Glen Stoller got his start in the nursery business more than 30 years ago, when he applied for newly released disease-free cuttings from UC Davis. From those first cuttings grew a commercial enterprise, and what started as a casual interest quickly became a lifelong venture.

In college, Glen found himself most interested in soil science—how technology and science were changing farming. The idea that farmers could have more control over land based on their knowledge of the soil's nutrients and chemicals fascinated him, and after graduation, he opened his own agricultural laboratory. By testing soils, water and plant tissue, he began advising his clients as to what crops were best suited to their specific conditions.

In 1977, Glen and his wife, Terrie, began Sunridge Nurseries. By using honesty, integrity, and hard work as the basis for their business, they have seen the company grow throughout the years to become what it is today—an industry leader dedicated to providing only the best to their discerning clients.