What a nursery “should” look like

It’s often asked of us why Sunridge doesn’t keep the appearance of our facilities newer looking with fresh paint and modern imagery, as some of the newer nurseries have. The short answer is, we don’t care much about that. Our family built this company in 1978 on the foundation of quality, service, and innovation as it relates directly to producing a better product, with higher quality. As a result, our investments remain 100% within the people that make our company what it is today, and the products we provide. This is why we remain focused on only grape plant materials, and continue the tradition of innovation and improvements beyond the glitz and glamour.

After 38 years in the industry, we have seen every kind of nursery and seen a variety of ways to plant and handle grapevines. We have had the great opportunity to partner with experts from UC Davis, and hire some of the very best in the field, to help get us where we are today. So we have no doubt that the ways in which we are doing things are not only efficient, but they are extremely effective.

The “new” look is always fashionable when it’s new. But like all things, the newness wears off, and what’s left is what is between those walls, and under that allure –the people and the product. At Sunridge, we have the unique ability to expose our greatest assets, our people and product, without needing to add any glitz and glamour.

So when you look for a nursery, our best advice is to look at the product, beneath the glamour. If you want experience, longevity, quality, service, and a partnership- Sunridge Nurseries is that company. We are a family that puts quality at the forefront of all we do. Customers are lifelong friends and partners.