Sunridge annual partner visit from IFV

In January 2016, Sunridge had their annual visit from long time partner, IFV, with leaders from the Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin: Jean-Pierre Van Ruyskensvelde, General Manger, Laurent Audeguin, Research and Development Manager, and Samiha El Guerne, Commercial Assistant.

Every year our French partners come to visit the ENTAV-INRA clonal selections in the mother blocks at Sunridge Nurseries and discuss the promotion of the trademarked clones that were brought into the United States starting in 1998 when Sunridge Nurseries signed an agreement with ENTAV, the French National Technical Center for the Improvement of Viticulture.

After the visit to the nursery, our team took them to see the King’s NBA game before Unified. It was a game that ended in two overtimes with the Kings coming out ahead. As Jean-Pierre expressed, “What a game!”.

The next day Sunridge assisted in setting up the clonal tasting of wines that ENTAV brings each year to the Unified Symposium so our customers can taste and discuss the merits of the clones. Laurent, the Research and Development Manager, said that this year’s Unified “was one of the best in their many years of attending and having a booth at the event”.


ENTAV’s certified grapevine clonal selections were brought into the United States through the University of California’s Foundation Plant Service (FPS) and underwent vigorous testing in a two-year quarantine before being planted into mother blocks at Sunridge. The clonal selections came directly from the ENTAV repositories in France under the ENTAV-INRA trademark. Sunridge has offered these selections to its customers of grape plants produced from authenticated clonal selections obtained from ENTAV’s huge library of certified clones comprising today of 1,220 clones for 320 wine grape varieties and 200 clones for 28 rootstocks.

The original idea for this partnership was to allow Sunridge to provide both new varieties and new clonal selections of popular varieties to meet the growing demand for California premium wines. Sunridge was prompted to bring this clonal material by the demand from the industry for more diversified clonal materials that were sanitary and clean. The French materials had more genetic diversity that offered growers more variety. It provided a diversity that currently wasn’t available. By tapping into more than fifty years of research and evaluation of the growing, winemaking, and tasting accomplished by ENTAV, the highest authority in France for the selection and preservation of clonal selections of French wine grapes, the wine industry in California was given the opportunity to get official material exclusively and directly from the ENTAV conservatories. When they were established in the Sunridge mother blocks, they carried a guarantee of authenticity and transparency of pedigree. The ENTAV-INRA trademark substantiates that the origin and authenticity of the clones are guaranteed.