Isolate your roots! Your scions too!

With a continued desire to stay ahead of the curve, Sunridge Nurseries has done it again. In order to maintain the best quality plant material in the industry today, Sunridge has developed the largest, isolated Protocol 2010 increase block in the world!

What a blessing it is to be located in the Cuyama Valley where the human population is less than the cows and other vineyards and agricultural crops are miles away.

The FPS Foundation Plant Services at U.C. Davis releases small amounts of newly, cleaned up scions and rootstocks to be increased and then planted in CDFA inspected increase blocks. Sunridge began planting this block as soon as the first material was released four years ago.

“Our industry is constantly being threatened by pests and diseases and we felt that creating a totally isolated site was the only solution to keeping this plant material clean and viable. We want to provide our clients with the best possible product for years to come,” says Sunridge Nurseries president, Glen Stoller.

Because of this attitude Sunridge Nurseries continues to earn the reputation of uncompromising excellence in producing the highest quality products possible.