Sunridge announces purchase of acreage to grow the cleanest vines available

Recently Sunridge Nurseries, one of the oldest and the largest grapestock nurseries, announced the purchase of almost 1000 acres of virgin property to be used exclusively for the planting of Protocol 2010 material. This property has "true" isolation from any other vineyards that might harbor diseases and vectors.

Sunridge is well known in the industry for being on the forefront of new developments. This new growing block will provide Sunridge customers with the cleanest vines in the industry. This new acreage lies west of the company headquarters in Bakersfield. The new ranch will only be planted with Protocol 2010 material. All of the Protocol 2010 material has been micro-shoot tip cultured to remove all Grapevine Leaf roll viruses, fungal and bacterial pathogens, Phytoplasmas, Crown Gall bacteria, and Red Blotch virus.

"Sunridge Nurseries has always been an innovator. It was the next step for us as a commitment to an investment that allowed us to grow our high quality vines in the cleanest environment possible. We are now on a strict self-Quarantine in all property access and cultural practices. Our customers trust us to deliver what we promise and we intend to do exactly that." Explain's Tom Bracken, CFO of Sunridge Nurseries.

Sunridge is a family owned operation that started almost 36 years ago by Glen Stoller and his wife Terri. Glen started the company with the philosophy that the customer's success was the only way to measure Sunridge's success. He chose Bakersfield because it was the ideal place to grow a variety of vines in a clean environment.

Glen's commitment to the customer and to providing the cleanest vines in the industry is still the driving force today. Maniaci says, "We are thinking 2, 3, 4 and even more years into the future. We are always looking for what we can do to give our customers what they will need when they need it. Offering the cleanest vines in the industry is just one way we provide what is best for our valued customer."