US leads the world in wine consumption

For several years the US has been increasing its love of wine. This combined with a sharp decrease in wine consumption in Europe—especially France, Italy and Spain—means that the US in now the number 1 wine market in the world consuming 13% of all the wine the world produces.

One Gallup survey showed that young Italians perceived wine as a drink for their parents, preferring beer or cocktails to the almost national drink. However, in the US, the demographic with the greatest growth for wine consumption is young adults—under 35 years old. The size of the US population has an impact on the consumption. America has a huge population. So even though our per capita consumption is not as high as say Italy or France, the number of people drinking wine continues to rise steadily.

What are all these people drinking? According to Steve Maniaci, General Manager for Sunridge Nurseries, the favorites are still the favorites. He said "Our most popular vines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir – year in and year out."

The increase in domestic demand lead to a roughly 2% increase in production and approximately a 4% increase in prices. This is good news for everyone in the wine industry. Wine is now grown in virtually all 50 states in one form or another. Quality remains to be stable and people are finding that wine is not just for special occasions anymore.