The Cleanest Vines in the Industry

"Clean" is commitment that we have made to our customers and the industry. Sunridge Nurseries has replaced older increase blocks with the latest, most extensively tested material available, which FPS has dubbed as the "Protocol 2010" grapevine stock material. It has been shoot-tip cultured at FPS and verified that it is virus free and Crown Gall free using both RT-PCR and TaqMan qPCR methods to screen for viruses. FPS has also compared this material with original clones, to verify that they have not been altered during the treatments, before releasing them to nurseries.

We have taken our commitment to clean vines even further. We purchased nearly 1000 acres of isolated virgin property. This property will be used to exclusively for the planting of Protocol 2010 material. This material is free from Grapevine Leaf roll viruses, Red Blotch virus, and Crown Gall bacteria. This is the indisputably the cleanest material available to date in the industry.